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SME Corporate Advisors is a specialised advisory business, with sound expertise in the media, entertainment, television and leisure industry, using technology as a key part of the offering. Utilising our industrial and commercial knowledge, we are geared to offering clients a proactive service based on the financial and pragmatic experience of it's Directors and executive management team.


Too often advisory companies do not have the time or interest in working with dynamic SME companies unless they want to raise £5m or more or there is a quick exit strategy in place. We enjoy being different by taking a long term view with clients in order to secure the best outcome in the market place. 

We assist development stage and start-up companies to achieve their commercial objectives; as the name suggests we focus on the Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which are the bedrock of the UK economy. Increasingly so, after Brexit as the business world changes direction in favour of entrepreneurs seeking invention, interruption and success across all sectors.

We favour a balanced approach to innovation combined with practical hands-on experience and technical support. We offer an integrated service and support through this largely uncharted development period for founders, their management and teams.

We advise companies seeking finance and requiring commercial advice as part of the funding process. Our Directors are experienced M&A executives and entrepreneurs who have worked across various industries and are well-placed to advise and support client companies throughout the entire process.


In addition to our Executive Directors who are mainly qualified accountants, lawyers and technical engineers, we have assembled a wide-range of Non-Executive Directors and ambassadors- bringing a practical approach to the table. We pride ourselves on working with entrepreneurs and clients who enjoy collaboration and inspiring partnerships so that a creative bond is established at the outset.

We will invest in industries and companies as where there is opportunity to make a fundamental difference, particularly in the media, entertainment, travel and healthcare industries. Also where sustainability and philanthropy plays a large part in the philosophy of the group.

"Talk only goes so far - we do it."


We guide entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the entire process, taking the original concept and creative ideas through the step-by-step stages of early stage funding.


SME Corporate Advisors is the entrepreneur’s business companion focusing on the financial, legal and commercial aspects of their ventures and projects. 

We direct and enhance your ideas and creativity into a viable commercial position to attract the appropriate interest of investors.

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SME corporate advisors transparent.png

In today’s world, access to smart funding and development capital is critical to  the efficient execution of business and expansion plans. Smart funding provides financial backing and support to stimulate innovation and development in our economy. We assist with commercial collaboration, creating partnerships within and across industries. We are a boutique house, working closely with clients to achieve mutual success over the medium to long term. 

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As part of SME Corporate Advisors group services, we maintain a register of active buyers and sellers of companies and businesses. We offer a complimentary listing after a formal evaluation and assessment has been commissioned.

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We specialise in offering financial advice to the directors and shareholders, providing support through our accountants and professional services to achieve profitable business models and financial strategies. We offer a business opportunity to secure a profitable and tax efficient exit strategy for your company, adhering to local tax rules and regulations. Efficient tax planning is essential especially from the early stages of the business journey to safeguard and optimise company resources and the initial capital investment.


We actively participate in investing our own capital or in parallel with our investors into companies we believe in and that align with our ethos and values. We help companies to finance their first steps (i.e. market research, product development, target demographics, etc.) through seed funding at the outset. Our extensive range of various connections across industries gives us potential to provide our clients with the financial support to achieve their short and long term goals. 

SME corporate advisors transparent.png
SME corporate advisors transparent.png

We assist in introductions and providing access to Venture Capital groups, and private investors by helping with the preparation and presentation of detailed business and financial plans. In this highly competitive market, Venture Capital is essential for starts-ups and early stage companies to get off the ground, however, it is a highly competitive market and requires considerable planning and research to secure this form of finance. Recently, there has been an increased appetite by private investors and pure venture capital groups to participate and invest in the growth of companies that demonstrate original concepts and scale.

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